25 Essential Tools For Mountain Bike Repairs and Maintenance

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  1. If you want to learn how to repair your bike like a pro, see this blog

  2. Dorin Marcusiu says:

    I want to be able to repair my awesome bike

  3. Lance LegStrong says:

    Cone wrenches – Thin open ended wrenches not used very often.

    used very often, if you’ve purchased a lower end mtb, big name brand like:Jamis, Trek, giant. They come equipped with Shimano hubs like: 475, 525 series. Shimano must give these cup and cone hubs away.

    They loosen up quite quickly, must be cleaned and lubed, and you must be very experienced, very patient, and very knowledgable to have the proper play from the 18 ball bearings riding between the cup and cone.

    And! Don’t over tighten, they strip like swiss cheese. Of course you’ll get the Shimano loyalists, idol worshippers who well tell you; these are hubs are robust, easy to work on…simple and pure in their design, etc…

    These same people don’t have children running around in their garage, work in a pristine environment, and possibly ride their bike once a month on well established trails for 20 minutes. The same folk ride around with their bike on top of their car tan actually ride the bike, who are more worried about their clothes and how their bike looks than the ride.

    My solution: I use sealed cartridge bearings. I have a 2 yr. old Specialized w sealed cartridge bearings, have done zero maintenance, wheel runs true, no play between bearings and axle, no squeaks, no wobbling.

  4. fasanya joshua says:

    i am so happy with this

  5. Great Blog!!!
    Having a kit like this is a lot less expensive than you thought, and it allows you to not betray your LBS by allowing them to make use of their expensive, fancy tools like a headset cup press or serious wheel truing device.

    First and foremost is the tool box itself. You’re going to need one that is a little bit bigger than the first tool box you got while you still were in public school, but nothing flashy or ornate. Something like this is perfect.

  6. Jerry says:

    I don’t think Park Tools is making the PCS-10 stateside anymore. I think you have to get the PRS-25…

  7. Marco Escuandolas says:

    Hey – I just came across this article. Thanks for the writeup! I do have one piece of feedback on a missed essential item. . . a basic adjustable torque wrench. This is a must have for basic bike repairs and adjustments, especially if you have a fancy carbon frame or parts.

    In reply to Jerry – you can still get the pcs-10, or the more affordable pcs-9 in the US.

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