Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Grips

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  1. Blake says:

    What do I have to take into considertion if I have bar ends? Measured my grips at 135mm from end to the bar end. Some of these are listed as 115mm to 130mm

    • Shorter grips might be designed for grip shift system. Bar ends don’t really matter. Just buy a standard sized grip.

    • TIm says:

      Carefully remove your bar-ends then install your new grips of choice. Now find the nearest trash receptacle and throw those things away. Bar ends are absolutely useless.

      • Coder says:

        Except that it’s nice not to have mud getting packed into your handlebar every time you lay the bike down, or worry about getting stabbed by a sharp bar end if you lose control on a steep descent and go OTB.

        • Annemarie says:

          Bar ends plugs are pretty important. Fall the wrong way without a plug and your bars work like cookie cutters–they will take a core biopsy of whatever you fall on. I am very pleased to have had bar ends when i fell chest first on to mine. ALWAYS have plugs!

  2. Ignatius says:

    I have always had a problem with hand numbness. I guess ergonomic grips would help, but I’m afraid that the same efect that would help with this would be against bike control in All-Mountain use (descending and technical zones).
    Would this be so?


    • I think Ergon’s or Specialized’s grips would work fine for you. Might have a little time to get used to them but plenty of people use them for AM riding.

      • Nick dj says:

        Bought a used bike with the Ergon grips on which I thought would hamper control and so would remove when I got home. But one ride was all I needed to know that no control was lost, but the hammering my wrists and hands were getting was greatly reduced. I honestly would not ride far without them now and they were kept and installed on my new bike when I swapped. Expensive but worth every penny. Try some

  3. Damien says:

    I want a pair that are comfortable and won’t hurt my hands when I am riding

  4. Lisa says:

    I’m specifically looking for grips that would help alleviate pressure at the UCL mcp jt of thumb. I had a dislocation with surgery. Severe pain at the base of thumb on bar when I brake. Thumb stabilizer is worthless. The smaller grip allows more control when doing technical climbs and rocks rather than the larger thickness grip but the small grip and traditional angle caused more pressure at the base of my thumb. any recommendations for brand and type of grip for this situation?

    • Brian says:

      All people looking for ergonomic grips should try out the ESI Chunky before going Ergon. I used to get the pinched ulnar nerve and started using Ergon’s. The Ergon’s worked but they are clumsy beasts and expensive. The ESI Chunky’s are about $18 and when positioned right (there is a thicker side) provides all the same relief but without the awkwardness of Ergon. Forget the price tag, i’d pay triple for the ESI’s and still have them on all my bikes.

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