Old Glory MTB is a mountain bike website primarily focused on American made products, services, and the biking community in the United States. I believe we have the best mountain biking opportunities on the planet. I have created this site to share articles that I’m passionate about with a focus on keeping it patriotic and supporting my homeland.

I’m not going to go on some “buy Made in the USA” rant but I will list a short set of some the key values in buying American that have merit to me:

  1. Creates a better economy for the United States by employing workers from our own home states and keeps the money within our country. By keeping industries in the United States you’re not only creating jobs and shoring up the economy for that local company or those local workers but also the industries that support it (eg IT, electricians, plumbers, accountants, lawyers, etc).
  2. Buying American is also better for the environment. Many foreign countries have little to no regard for environmental safety, while our factories are environmentally regulated. It doesn’t make our products cheap to make but it does make the Earth cleaner.
  3. Buying American keeps innovation in our country and breeds an industry of excellence through increased competition.
  4. Buying American also supports state economies through taxes paid by manufacturing corporations and sole proprietors which help feed state government budgets to fund schools, roads, public safety and so on.

This doesn’t mean I’m against foreign products, but I do feel strongly in supporting the industry we do have in this great nation.

All of my articles will not be USA built only. In this day in age it’s not possible. I just want the site to have an American focus to it and hope you enjoy the content.

About me:

My name is Justin Caldwell. I’ve been an avid mountain bike rider for over 10 years and BMX before that. I like to ride anything from twisty single track to downhill gnar. I’ve ridden locations all across the United States and Canada.

I hope to write constructive and helpful articles for enthusiasts, cover industry trends and new products, and highlight the many wonderful people in the industry. My focus will be to hopefully inform as well as entertain with articles and great videos from across the web. I also want to bring some of my personal favorite topics to the site which may or may not always be mountain biking related.

I want the site to have an open dialog between readers and myself. Always feel free to speak your mind in the comments or send me a personal message via the contact page or my email admin@oldglorymtb.com.

About the site name:

To find out more information about Old Glory (the name of a famous American flag), check out its wikipedia page.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure:

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For the Stars & Stripes and Mountain Bikes!


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