[Round Up] Alternative or “Alt” Mountain Bike Handlebars

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  1. Hi J.A.
    Viva “made in the USA”! You missed the Gnar Bar Handlebars, featuring the Control Curve in the handgrip area. The 1st (currently available) generation are 6069 aluminum, made in Portland.
    The Control Curve is designed to function like an arch support for the palm of your hands, allowing you better control and comfort without bulk, and arm pump. In addition, the down & forward bend at the end of the bars allow for much better leverage as you jump, rail berms, or descend at speed.

  2. Great list J.A. I’m was hoping to grab a pair of the polished On-One Fleegle bars for my wife’s new commuter – of course when I finally went to buy them they were out of stock. Hopefully something from this list will be available and suitable.

  3. Eric says:

    What about:
    the original Nitto Dirt Drops (not as wide, very deep drop, flare angle not as much as WTB)
    or the WTB Dirt Drops (comparable to the Salsa Woodchipper)

  4. John says:

    I was looking for bars for my commuter bike and found your post. It is absolutely excellent! You found possible bars I hadn’t heard of. Now I just have to make a decision! Thanks for a great resource!

  5. Ron Mc says:

    also 2 nice alternatives to the Mary bars to avoid all that shipping cost – both essentially the same shape and narrower widths – Aherne MAP bars available in 615mm and 575mm; and, Nitto B2522 Jitensa Touring bar 580mm

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