Ultimate Listing: Mountain Bikes Made In America

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  1. Brent says:

    What about Quiring and Waltworks?

    • Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll get them added soon.

      As always feel free to let me know about anyone I don’t have on the list.

      • Mike B says:

        Wow – what a great list and great website – there are so many great American made bikes out there!  Why would anyone get a plastic cookie cutter from Taiwan?  My three bikes: Lynskey Sportive, Lynskey Pro 650, and a 1972 Schwinn Racer!

  2. James says:

    Gunnar / Waterford, too.

  3. Jack says:


  4. J_Homebrew says:

    How about 616 in Grand Rapids MI?

  5. Bryan Cyr says:

    Ellsworth? I know the Carbon are made overseas but the Aluminum ones are still made in the USA.

  6. Todd says:

    Great list, honored to be represented. I have a few more that need to be up. Generic Cycles, Denver- Chris builds sweet bikes under the Generic title as well as Spot Brand and “Reeb”. Also can’t forget about the master Don McClung and his “Back Yard Bikes”, Salida CO. If you like 29ers tip your hat to Don.

  7. mike says:

    Bronto Bikes in Oregon, handmade steel

  8. David says:

    I thought alchemy was in Austin, tx?

    Also, don’t forget Spooky!

  9. Patrick says:

    Great list. Is Willits back? I thought he was working at Alchemy.

  10. andy says:

    black market

  11. Tom says:

    Justice Madison Cycles in Old Fort Tennessee.


  12. will says:

    Simple Bicycle Co – Portland, OR. A one man show who’s been at it for decades. He builds everything from BMX to roadie

  13. Max says:

    Rich Phillip cycles out of St. Louis.

    Meech Custom Cycles out of Mountain Home, Arkansas.

  14. Renzo says:

    One of the most famous welders/builders in the bike industrie, Frank “the Welder” Wadelton, from the old Yeti company.


  15. Renzo says:

    And another Yeti builder and the maker of one of the most iconic mountainbike in history, the Yeti C-26, Chris Herting.


  16. Ace says:

    Guerilla Gravity / Colorado Gravity Bikes


  17. Eric Daume says:

    OS bikes are made in Taiwan. Also, Handsome bikes are mostly from overseas, but they’re 29er is outsourced to Peacock Grove.

    • Hmm didn’t realize that about OS Bikes. I’ll make the Handsome Bikes entry more specific to their 29er. That’s why they’re in the list because PG makes that bike for them.

  18. siege says:

    Superco bikes

  19. Jerry says:

    THis is a great list, thanks so much for putting it together. It’s wonderful to see how many makers have sprung up. I really hope you’ll find the inner resources to keep this list maintained 😉 I know it’s not easy. THanks for taking the time. Now find me a reasonably priced US made kids bike HA HA….

  20. Jerry says:

    I don’t know what’s going on with vulture cycles but they seem to have lost their domain. Their blogspot is untouched too http://vulturecycles.blogspot.com but there seems to be activity on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vulturecycles

  21. Chris says:

    Thanks for the effort. Awesome list.

  22. Morrissey says:

    What about Santa Cruz?

  23. Jerry says:

    Ever heard of Rodriquez? I know nothing about them http://www.rodcycle.com

  24. Troy says:

    I love this list, it has made deciding on my next bike that much harder. Also check out Silent Cycles, they use steel and build both road and mountain bikes in Tennessee. http://silentcycles.com/

  25. Ron says:

    Nice list, but Merlin is missing 😉 They make bicycles since the ’90s.

  26. Jerry says:

    Walt Works moved to park city UT

    Also: there’s Fatback cycles

    • Thanks so much. I need to do a little updating.

      • Jerry says:

        You know, I take it back about Fatback. They are pretty misleading. Across the top of their website they say, “ALASKA BUILT BICYCLES • MADE IN THE USA”. That’s what I saw that made me post here. But, when you start to actually look it turns out they only make their AL frame here. NONE of their other stuff… and they offer a lot of parts… is US made. That’s pretty deceptive. Then when I tried to contact them through various media, they just totally ignored me.

  27. David says:

    May I suggest the only 36er fully custom bike made for really tall riders:
    Based in San Francisco, built in the USA (steel, aluminium and titanium) sourcing a huge majority of our components from US and European manufacturers.

  28. Spencer says:

    Hey, Xprezo is a company that does everything from design to production in house in Bromont, Quebec. (Canada, not the US, but still.)

    I believe Devinci also manufactures in Quebec.

  29. bill says:

    I refuse to buy anything not made here in the USA. This site is a huge help as I get ready to move to a 29er. Thanks

  30. Chuck Fritz says:

    Unfortunately Tom Tesdale, owner of TET, passed away this year on RAGBRAI. He died riding his bike.


  31. wolfgang says:

    Don’t forget Ritchey

  32. Brett E. says:

    I only know him from local bike shows/swaps, but here is one from Missouri:


    Great list, thanks for compiling it!

  33. pfitz says:

    Falconer Cycles
    I would classify him as a humble bad ass. He builds all kinds of bikes.


  34. Kenny says:

    You missed a bunch of TX builders:

    Clyde James Cycles

    Daltex Handmade Bicycles

    Edoz Bicycles

    Gallus Cycles

    Gjertsen Framebuilding Tools

    Millenium Cycles

    Phantasm Cycle Works

    Southwest Frameworks

    Violet Crown Cycles

  35. andrew says:

    Vlad cycles in NJ.

  36. Robert Robertson says:

    Good job man way to list the little guys doing it right and the best they can. I support my local bike shop here in Colorado Springs by purchasing solely from them which is hard to do.

  37. bill do says:

    all of trek’s project one bikes are made in the U.S. as well

  38. DKF says:

    Are Spot Brand Honey Badgers made in Taiwan? It appears they are made in Golden, but maybe not…..

  39. Cooper says:

    Thomson (the one with the seat posts) now makes titanium frames in their Georgia factory.

  40. Gary Kovarik says:

    great list love the photos. St Louis Missouri has a builder FeCycles, They build in steel , titanium and carbon. fecycles.com

  41. Joshua says:

    SISU out of Marquette, Michigan

  42. Otto says:

    No Love for Aussie Cycle Works? Hand built in USA.

  43. GL says:

    the return of the legend … home of the yo eddy … FAT CHANCE is back!!!!!!!


  44. adam says:

    because companies such as GT have given great things to the industry. It built the BMX division single-handedly, it reshaped the MB division with Triple Triangle and currently redefined the Road Bike. It designed the iDrive suspension and built the legendary top dawg…the GT Fury. GT was established in 1972 and is now a Canadian company. It may be under an umbrella with Schwinn and Cannondale but let’s face it, between GT and Schwinn those 2 have seen and done it all. Regardless of where Schwinn is today the sheer amount of R&D and history as well as achievements between the two place them at the top of the heap in terms of resume. Giant is the biggest seller but that’s it…a Taiwanese sellout. Nothing more nothing less. GT is a company that brought innovation and gave to the industry multiple times. What have these contributed in history?

  45. Curtis says:

    Mountain Cycle went out of business in 2012. In 2011, they attempted to rebuild their brand with a new line of mountain bikes including the San Andreas II and Zen II. Though designed in California, the frames were all manufactured in Taiwan.

  46. von says:

    Great list. Don’t forget Landshark. http://landsharkbicycles.com

  47. John says:

    Check these guys out….. F-Bom, love the name and there comparison of Taiwan built vs USA build is awesomeness…

  48. John says:

    What about F-Bom Bike Co

  49. John says:

    Sorry for the double post above… here’s a sweet Montana builder Sklar Bikes http://www.sklarbikes.com/

  50. John says:

    Sweet selection of US made frames http://www.chumbausa.com/tech/

  51. Gary says:

    This is an exceptional (!) website. I rode Schwinns my whole life (now 61, retired Navy, Federal LE Officer)….looking for a custom “bikepacker” with built-in fly rod kit. So, thanks John….I was going to suggest Chumba as well. I have been considering Chumba (out of Austin TX) for a month or so. They have been outstanding in responding.

  52. Andrew says:

    TBC transition bicycle company out of Washington, they make the patrol and scout, I’m sure you’ve heard of them 🙂

  53. Sean says:

    Spicer Cycles

    Custom Steel

  54. Mike says:

    I just sent an email to Ellsworth. They claim that the alloy bikes are welded in California

  55. Michael Nieva says:

    How about Yeti?

  56. Walt says:

    I just bought the Realm cycles Bike just like the one posted here. What do you think that bike is worth?

  57. brian mayeux says:

    roca roja cycles … arizona

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