[Video] Turner Flux 27.5 In The Wild

Turner Flux 27.5 from turnerbikes on Vimeo.

Turner Flux 27.5
Turner Flux 27.5

The new Flux 27.5 mountain bike has been completely redesigned from the ground up to take your pursuit for exceptional trail riding further & faster than ever before. Now featuring 27.5 inch wheels to get that perfect balance of trail dominating control and the playful agility for technical twisty singletrack. With a slacker head angle and lower bb for a package that will eat up every foot of trail without sacrificing the nimble traits of its xc lineage. This is all thanks to the dw-link kinematics tuned specifically for the 27.5 inch wheels of the Flux mountain bike. Then the travel just got bumped up to 120 millimeters with an all new shaped tubeset to save weight and be torsionally stiffer. The new Flux 27.5 is not simply a rehash of old ideas, this machine is a perfect example of xc trail bike evolution! www.turnerbikes.com

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