[Review] Intense Cycles Tracer 275

Pink Bike has a review of the California made Intense Cycles Tracer 275. The Tracer 275 is Intense’s foray into the land of 650B or 27.5″ trail bikes. Richard Cunningham does a nice job of giving a very detailed review of the bike and its performance. He does an especially good job of relating how 27.5″ wheels perform against 26″ and 29″ bikes in similar situations.

Intense Cycles Tracer 275 Review
Intense Cycles Tracer 275 | credit: Ian Hylands

“When pressed hard, there are many moments when the Tracer acts much like a regular mid-travel 26-inch AM/trail bike. There is no sense when jumping that the 275 is unusual, and if you make a mistake, it can land controllably from odd angles.” – PinkBike

Bonus – They also talk with Intense Cycles main man Jeff Steber about aluminum heat treating.

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