Meriwether Cycles Sierra Tour

Meriwether Cycles has a great extended write up of a recent tour of the northern Sierras. The trip was completely self supported relying on two buddies to make it out into the wilderness and come back in one piece. The story and all of the photos really give you a sense of how epic this trip was. Check out the full article for the story of their journey.

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Sierras tour setup
Sierras tour setup

“Sean and I left last Tuesday morning for what we planned to be a 5-day tour around the northern Sierras. I got back 4 days later on Friday night after 100 miles in the saddle that day. I was more than tired, my body was done. I haven’t felt that way since my last 24-hr race – Montezuma’s Revenge – 10 years ago. We had just finished 320 miles and 49,730ft of climbing in 4 days by just riding in the daylight hours (except for the last day with ~2 hours in the dark). So why am I calling this a “Tour” and not an ITT or race between two friends? Because the goal was not to make record time but to spend some self-supported time in the mountains, riding a loop that Sean came up with linking trails and roads he hadn’t ridden all-at-once before.” – Meriwether Cycles

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