2014 Cane Creek DBinline Air Shock Made In The USA

Cane Creek has debuted their latest air shock offering. The new 2014 Cane Creek DBinline air shock is designed for bikes with 120mm-150mm of travel. This covers a vast range of riding disciplines from XC to all mountain and enduro racing.

Cane Creek 2014 DBinline air shock
Cane Creek 2014 DBinline air shock

What makes the DBinline different from their previous offerings is that this twin tube shock doesn’t have an external reservoir. The shock design is smaller and more compact to fit a large range of bike frames. You’ll have to take a look at the articles below to get a detailed idea of how they’ve been able to pack all of the air and oil routing into such a small package.

The DBinline air shock still offers Cane Creek’s 4-way independently adjustable tuning. You can tune high speed rebound, low speed rebound, high speed compression, and low speed compression for a completely custom tuning for your bike, riding style, and terrain of choice. The DBinline still offers Cane Creek’s Climb Switch technology. The CS technology increases low speed compression and low speed rebound for increased traction during climbing efforts. Best of all the Cane Creek DBinline is designed and built in North Carolina.

Cane Creek DBinline Air Shock Features:

  • Inline air shock design
  • Intended for aggressive Trail, All-Mountain, and Enduro bikes with 120-150mm of travel
  • Twin-tube damping in two high-speed and four low-speed circuits
  • External compression adjustments: High-speed (4-turns) // Low-speed (12-clicks)
  • External rebound adjustments:High-speed (4-turns) // Low-speed (18-clicks)
  • Climb Switch adjustment (on/off)
  • Tunable air spring with volume spacers
  • Anodized and laser-etched finish
  • Lengths: 165 x 38mm // 184 x 44mm // 190 x 50mm // 200 x 50mm // 200 x 57mm // 216 x 63mm
  • Standard air can size on all lengths
  • Low friction bushings with 1/2” universal axle
  • Hand-built in Henderson County, North Carolina, USA
  • Weight: 295 grams (165 x 38mm without hardware)
  • MSRP: $495
  • Available: June 16, 2014

Extended Cane Creek DBinline Coverage:

shopping iconIf you’re looking to purchase the DBinline air shock you’ll have to wait till June. Thankfully that isn’t too far away. I suggest checking out JensonUSA first when looking to purchase this shock online. They have the best prices usually.

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