[Video] Trestle Bike Park – Hot Wheels Trail – Winter Park, CO

Hot Wheels Slopestyle Trail at Trestle Bike Park – More Mountain Bike Videos

Hot Wheels Trail - Trestle Bike Park
Hot Wheels Trail – Trestle Bike Park

Trestle Bike Park is proud to introduce the addition of the Pro-only Hot Wheels trail to the mountain! After working with the forest service for the last 7 years, the green light was given to create a progressive slopestyle trail full of pro-sized stunts and jumps. Creative wood features and blasty dirt jumps allow riders to push their limits within the safety of Trestle…a true step in furthering gravity mountain biking in the U.S.

Check out the action as slope riders, Garrett Roberston, Nick Clarke, Clayton Shank, Paul Weston and Nicholi Rogatkin experience Hot Wheels for the first time and get yourself up to Trestle Bike Park to experience it yourself!

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