4 thoughts on “[Video] The Limit With Keland Hawks”

  1. Transition Bikes: We make $6,000 bikes in ‘Asia’, so they can be affordable.

    Menard and Young traveled to Asia to find a manufacturer that could supply quality hand-made frames at an affordable end price. Using money they had saved during the telecom years, Transition Bikes was born in 2001 in Menard’s basement in Seattle.

  2. I totally get that, and I wasn’t trying to critique the post. I also am not tearing down Keland Hawks. It’s a comment directed squarely at Transition, and saying they definitely want to have their cake and eat it too. It’s just worth baring in mind to anyone reading this that, if you’re looking at buying a bike, hey, these guys charge the same price as a bunch of other folks who are responsible Americans.

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