[Video] Breadwinner Cycles – Custom Steel Handmade Bicycles

Breadwinner Cycles from Breadwinner Cycles on Vimeo.

Ira Ryan (left) and Tony Pereira (right) are Breadwinner Cycles
Ira Ryan (left) and Tony Pereira (right) are Breadwinner Cycles

Work Hard. Ride Home.

Breadwinner Cycles makes beautiful high-quality bicycles for people who love to ride every day. Tony Pereira and Ira Ryan, who have a combined 15 years of framebuilding experience, have come together as Breadwinner Cycles. Melding their two complementary styles results in bicycles with a winning combination of form and function, delivered in eight weeks or less. The Breadwinner lineup of six custom steel TIG-welded bicycles are equipped with the best U.S.-made parts available and built in Portland, Oregon.



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