Shannon Galpin and Alchemy Bicycle Co.

There is a really fascinating story on Bike Radar about Shannon Galpin and Alchemy Bicycle Company. Shannon and Alchemy have partnered together to create programs to empower women through mountain biking. They have worked on programs in Afghanistan and here in the United States. It’s a good read about the impact they are making through riding.

Shannon Galpin Alchemy Agrius 29er
Shannon Galpin Alchemy Agrius 29er

There is also a decent amount information on the custom Alchemy Agrius 29er that Shannon rides.

“For the last five years, it’s been my voice, one storyline, trying to tell the story of others, trying to rally support, trying to change the world. Now, after next year, we’ll have 51 women and 50 more voices. Essentially, we’re using the bike to create an army of community leaders of women.”

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