[Review] Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost

Thomson’s Georgia made Elite Dropper seatpost has been available to riders for a full season now. I’ve read a lot of positive responses on its performance. Enduro Mag recently published their long term review on the adjustable height seatpost after a few months of riding. See what they have to say about the post.

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Thomson Elite Dropper seatpost review
Thomson Elite Dropper seatpost review

1 thought on “[Review] Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost”

  1. FYI, the Thomson dropper post is not made in the USA.

    “While the recently introduced handlebars are coming from Taiwan, the dropper post is an even more international product. Parts are sourced from France, Malta, Taiwan and the US, among others. By the time it’s final assembly occurs in Taiwan, all external visible parts will be made in-house by Thomson, but internals are outsourced. ”

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