[Review] Stan’s No Tubes Crest 29er Rims

Crest 29er rims from Stan's No Tubes
Crest 29er rims from Stan’s No Tubes

Singletracks recently posted a review of Stan’s No Tubes Crest 29er rims. They go through the wheel build up and offer some thoughts on their performance on the trail.

I like they they went into some detail about the actual wheel build. They mention some gotchas that might help out other riders if they try to do a build with these rims for themselves in the future.


“With over 500 miles of fairly hard, fast riding there have been no issues whatsoever.  Both wheels are still perfectly true, and neither Mark nor I noticed any flex.” – Singletracks

shopping iconIf you’re looking for some already built Stan’s No Tube wheelsets check out Jenson USA’s selection.

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