[Review] KS ETen Adjustable Height Seatpost

Yet another adjustable height seatpost has been reviewed. This time it is over at PinkBike where they give the KS ETen seatpost a test. The KS Eten is a much less expensive option for those looking to try out an adjustable height seatpost. They found during testing it doesn’t perform too badly either.

KS ETen Adjustable Height Seatpost
KS ETen Adjustable Height Seatpost

“When you get down to the bottom line, this post works well, offering all the benefits we’ve come to love about drop posts for around a fraction of the usual price you’d expect to pay.” – PinkBike

shopping iconIf you’re in the market to do some shopping for adjustable height or dropper style seatposts I suggest checking out Jenson USA’s extensive selection of models to choose from.

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