[Review] DSP Bighorn Adjustable Seatpost

DSP Bighorn adjustable seatpost
DSP Bighorn adjustable seatpost

There is another contender in the adjustable seatpost market by DSP. They have two models called the Bighorn SHR and Bighorn SHL. SickLines has just put up a review on the 4.5″ adjustable Bighorn SHR seatpost with some great detail. The DSP Bighorn is also more affordable than the other adjustable seatposts in the market currently.

shopping iconIf you’re interested in some other options for adjustable seatposts we suggest checking out Jenson USA’s selection.

The DSP Bighorn is a quality seat post that has lasted the test of time for us so far. No maintenance, bleeding, or anything needed to keep this reliable post ticking for almost all of this year on a variety of bikes and conditions. – SickLines

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