[Review] Best POV Action Camera 6-Way Shootout

POV Action Camera Shootout
MTBR POV Action Camera Shootout

Those that are in the market for a new POV action camera always want to know which one is the best or has the best bang for the buck. The problem these days is that a lot of the POV action cameras are pretty good. MTBR set out to create a side by side shootout of the top POV action cameras to try to determine a winner. They reviewed the Contour+2, Drift HD Ghost, GoPro Hero3 Black, JVC Adixxion, Replay XD1080, and Sony Action Cam. The shoot out article is very thorough and should give you a lot of information to make an informed choice for your next POV action camera purchase.

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  1. I’m looking for a new action camera and finding out some reviews. What’s the best cam in your opinion?

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