Maximizing Off Season Mountain Bike Training

Bike James MTB DB Combos Program

James Wilson of MTB Strength Training Systems has just published a really nice podcast and article on off season training for mountain bikers. Too often off season training routines you find are geared more for road riders and not focused on the specific fitness and strength needs of off road riders. James has highlighted these deficiencies in most off season training courses and suggests using his MTB Dumbbell Combo Program to build the types of strength and cardio needed as a mountain biker.

I personally bought this program a few years back and really loved it. The exercises definitely helped by core strength, power, and bike control.

Over the years James has updated the program with more exercises. This week he has a special offer giving you 31 additional Punisher Conditioning Circuits for free when you order. The circuits are 45 minute cardio-stength training  routines that are timed to challenge your ability to produce a high level of tension and then recover, often without complete recovery from your last effort.

“This method forces you body to deal with the residual fatigue adding up round after round, much like it does on the trail. This is a unique benefit that really enhances the overall endurance improvements from your other workouts, making them the perfect addition for any rider who wants to quickly improve their mountain bike specific cardio and reap the benefits on the trail.” – James Wilson

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