Lynskey Silver Series MT650, MT29 and Pro650 FS-140

Lynskey Performance has released several new mountain bikes recently. First off they have announced the release of their latest titanium full suspension trail bike, the Pro650 FS-140. The Pro650 uses their single pivot suspension design to offer 140mm of rear wheel travel. As you can guess from the name the Pro650 rolls on 650B wheels and is available as a frame or complete bike.

2013 Lynskey Pro650 FS-140 titanium full suspension mountain bike
2013 Lynskey Pro650 FS-140 titanium full suspension mountain bike
Pro650 FS-140 frame
Pro650 FS-140 frame

Lynskey’s simple, stiff, effective and very low maintenance single pivot rear suspension system satisfies both sides of a mountain biker’s brain. It gratifies the “order” craving left brain as it nimbly carves up singletrack with steady, precise handling, while simultaneously thrilling the creative, thrill-seeking right brain as it gobbles up bumps and brings a smile to your face.

How it does all that…

The Lynskey FS bikes employ a single pivot with a linkage drive shock that’s engineered to deliver the best of both worlds – hardtail-like power to the pedals and crisp steering response AND the ability to absorb all types of terrain keeping rubber down, rider in control and the fun meter up to 11.

Pivot location is key to most of this performance and the Lynskey pivot location has been optimized for each platform to virtually eliminate chainstay lengthening, bobbing and anti-squat while maintaining control and suspension balance under heavy braking.

Thinking beyond where the pivot and linkage are placed to how those two elements work on the trail, the Lynskey design utilizes the largest, most durable swingarm pivot bearings in the industry. Linkage bearings are simple and durable and both swingarm bearings and linkage bearings are readily available parts that are reasonably priced and easy to swap out.

Simple. Tested. Ridden. Fun.

Lynskey Silver Series Press Release

Chattanooga, TN – Feb 26, 2013 – America’s premier titanium bike maker, Lynskey Performance Designs, announces the Silver Series – five new models representing the family-owned company’s 25 years of design, innovation and manufacturing expertise.

These new frames and corresponding complete bicycles are about to shake the titanium bike world to its core with Lynskey’s incomparable made-in-American workmanship, riding experience, durability and industry-leading customer service. The two road bikes, a touring/commuter, and two hardtail mountain bikes are meticulously handcrafted to Lynskey’s exacting standards using certified aerospace grade 3Al-2.5V titanium in the company’s new state-of-the-art Chattanooga factory.

All of the frames will retail for $1099 and the complete bikes with high quality XT spec for $2499.

The Silver Series offers dealers a couple unique opportunities – First, satisfying a broader customer base that’s looking for world-class U.S. handmade quality. Second, appealing to existing enthusiasts that may be weary of the “me too” glut of carbon on the showroom floor.

“Our mission for the Silver Series was to distill all of our experience and knowledge about titanium into a family of bikes that takes our ‘cut no corners’ philosophy and delivers world class performance and quality at an unheard of value,” stated Mark Lynskey, co-founder of Lynskey Performance Designs.

Silver Series framesets and complete bicycles will begin shipping from Lynskey’s Chattanooga factory by mid-April 2013.

Interested dealers and consumers can contact Lynskey directly at +1 423-499-5815 or Lynskey Performance | Titanium Bicycles – Hardtail 29er, Racing Road Bikes, Customs, Components & Accessories

Meet the Silver Series


Enjoy the balanced bliss of 27.5-inch wheels aboard the MT 650. The 650b wheels offer the quick acceleration found in a 26-inch platform along with the superior rolling, extra stability, and enhanced traction of a 29er.

Lynskey Titanium MT650 mountain bike
Lynskey Titanium MT650 mountain bike


Optimized for speed, endurance AND comfort over a long day’s off-road adventure, the disc-ready MT29 is a hardtail 29er that will get you there and back with smoothness and style.

Lynskey Titanium MT29 mountain bike
Lynskey Titanium MT29 mountain bike
About Lynskey

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee Lynskey Performance designs, engineers, manufactures and delivers high performance titanium bicycles and accessories. For 25 years the Lynskey family and its talented team have pioneered and refined titanium’s promise as the ultimate cycling material and developed unique technologies that exploit its inherent strength, durability and comfort.



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  1. Lynskey has vastly different (like, thousands of dollars higher) pricing on their website. Am I missing something?

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