[Bike Lust] Attack Of The 650B’s – Retrotec – Firefly – BMW – Rosko and a 29er Reeb

Here is my latest collection of 2-wheeled awesomeness from around the web. It just so happens that almost all of the bikes I’m really liking lately have been 650B MTB’s.

Retrotec 650B Triple

As I’ve mentioned before I really dig Chris Inglis’ work. His curvy tubed MTB’s are some of the best looking around. This custom triple model has a nice build and clean color choice.

Eric's 650B Retrotec Triple
Eric’s 650B Retrotec Triple

“It is smooth as silk and absorbs all the rough hits with aplomb but yet climbs just like I wanted. I wanted something to look like an updated klunker, or a performance cruiser and went with the “Triple” frame offered by Curtis, essentially something that would stand out, which is what all of his bikes end up doing because of his craftsmanship.”

Firefly Titanium 650B Hardtail

This titanium beauty showed up on Firefly’s Facebook feed. The build features Firefly’s own seatpost and stem along with American made Chris King headset and Thomson seatpost clamp. My favorite part of Firefly’s frames have to be their segmented seatstays and dropouts. They look so trick.

Firefly 650B titanium hardtail
Firefly 650B titanium hardtail

Brooklyn Machine Works 650B

BMW makes some great looking no-nonsense bikes. Now they’re branching out a bit and releasing 650B hardtails for their customers. This model is a prototype but I don’t expect too much to change.

Brooklyn Machine Works 650B steel hardtail
Brooklyn Machine Works 650B steel hardtail

Rosko Cycles 650B Rigid Single Speed

In the same vein as the BMW hardtail is this simple and lightweight Rosko Cycles 650B hardtail. Seth Rosko actually used to work for BMW back in the day but now builds for himself. Simple and fast is the name of the game with this hardtail.

Rosko Cycle 650B single speed mountain bike
Rosko Cycle 650B single speed

Reeb 29er Belt Drive Hardtail

Reeb is constantly updating their social media accounts with photos from their customers, events, and nice looking bikes they’re shipping off. This 29er hardtail is no different. This hardtail has a nice clean build and simple belt drive drivetrain. I really like the saturated photos of this bike.

Reeb 29er
Reeb 29er

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