Big Mountain Bike Company vs Small Mountain Bike Company

I’m sure we’ve all had a conversation about this topic with our buddies from time to time, whether it be about mountain bikes or not. There is always some debate as to which size company creates the best products, offers the best service, and has a philosophy you believe in. It’s often thought that bigger companies don’t offer good customer service but do have the ability to create great products due to their larger R&D budget. On the flip side a smaller company tends to be viewed as a bit more agile, focuses more on its customers, and has a more grass roots mentality.

Pinkbike has a put together a recent article on this topic, interviewing two of the biggest names in the industry. It is an article worth reading getting answers from both Jeff Steber of Intense Cycles and Jason Chamberlain of Specialized on matters regarding what big and small companies have to offer.

At the end of the article they have a poll which I feel sums up the thoughts of what most people I’ve talked to about this issue feel about the debate on big company bikes vs small company bikes.

What are your thoughts on this debate? What factors do you think about when purchasing a new or used bike?

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