44 Bikes 2013 Jersey Order

Mr. Henry over at 44 Bikes sent me an update email on his latest jersey order. I’ve included all the details on how to order this sick kit below. If you ride a 44 or would like to support a stellar builder you need to get these.

44 Bikes 2013 Jersey
44 Bikes 2013 Jersey

THE GOODS: Club Cut Jersey, Bib Shorts, Wind Vest. Hand picked by yours truly. Just the essentials? Forget about it. These are hotter than all get out. I don’t pick fly by night operations, only the finest have been chosen to make these garments. Made in the USA by the fine folks at Voler. Sewn to Shred – That’s GAH-RON-TEED. You’re not riding unless you’re riding in these duds so let’s get down to business… Order link is here:


Ordering period is NOW to June 17th, 2000-and-the-13. So don’t delay.

Click on “Login”, create your own account, fill in the details and pick which pieces you want. Just the jersey, the jersey and bibs, all three or go “balls out” and just order the bibs. All orders ship direct from Voler. You pay them directly. It’s as easy as that. All orders ship first week of August 2013.

Thanks for your support!

International Orders: Voler does not ship internationally. However, have them shipped to 44 HQ and I will send them to you. Shipping charges are additional but I’ll get the best rate.

Email me directly with any questions: khenry@44bikes.com


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