2015 Old Glory MTB Apparel

I’ve been toying around with offering some Old Glory MTB branded products for a while now. I’ve came up with a preliminary design that I like and wanted to show it off to you guys. I plan on offering t-shirts, hoodies, and a coffee mug in a few different colors.


I also wanted your input on a slogan you’d like to see at the bottom. I’ve always used “American Made Mountain Biking” for the site but I came up with a few other that are possibilities if others liked them. I posted my thoughts on Facebook over the weekend but I thought I’d share with you on the site as well.

Let me know your thoughts.

Possible Alternate Slogans:

  • “Mountain Bikes Made In USA/America”
  • “Handmade Or No Way”
  • “Made In USA Or No Way”
  • “Handmade In The USA”

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