2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show Roundup #3

Continued coverage from the 2014 North American Handmade Bicycle Show keeps on coming. In this roundup take a look at REEB’s gearbox bike, more photo galleries, and some great photos of 44 Bikes rigid singlespeed.

REEB Gearbox Hardtail

REEB gearbox bike 2014 NAHBS
REEB gearbox bike

VeloNews 2014 NAHBS Gallery

Kish Titanium 2014 NAHBS

BikeRadar 2014 NAHBS Mountain Bike Roundup

Groovy Cycleworks 2014 NAHBS
Groovy Cycleworks

44 Bikes Singlespeed Rigid

44 Bikes rigid SS 2014 NAHBS
44 Bikes rigid SS

Velocipede Salon 2014 NAHBS Gallery Thread

Eriksen Titanium Fat Bike 2014 NAHBS
Eriksen Fat Bike

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