Mountain Bike Trail Building Tools Guide

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  1. Have any tips for building on rocky land? I live in Bear Creek mt in NEPA and it is all rock. Not an inch of dirt to be found anywhere. Am I wasting time even thinking about this? I’m right on top of the mountain and my backyard leads into some epic Dirtbike/quad double track in the power lines. My turkey mound (septic) in backyard has a nice drop-in leadin to the woods. as soon as we started digging; rock, move ahead a bit; rock, a little further; rock. The terrain is killer and is beggin for some trails. Maybe I should just use the land to my advantage, clear what I can and start riding. Only thing i can think short of hauling several tons of dirt over the next few months as I do want some berms and jump features. Any help or advice is appreciated

    • John says:

      I am going to assume explosives are not an option. we usually start by drilling deep holes in the rock in fall. Then in winter the holes fill with water in winter and freeze, cracking the rock. Then in the spring we pry the chunks of rock that were fractured in winter by the ice out with rock bars, and digging bars. It may take several years to compleat a trail this way. If it does not get cold enough there you can replace the freezing water with using feather and wedge. An other option is an electric or pneumatic jack hammer, however it may not always be cost effective to take a generator or compressor to location. There are also a wide variety of expanding concretes designed spacificaly to break rock. If all else fails you can always rent a small excavator with a hydraulic demolition hammer attachment. this is the quickest but also the most expensive(and my favorite) way to build trails in rock.

  2. John Petry says:

    Thanks for providing so much practical and useful information.!!!

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