Colorado Mountain Bike Frame Builders

Seal_of_Colorado.svgFact: Colorado has the nickname of the Centennial State because it became a state 28 days after the centennial of the United States Declaration of Independence.

It is also the home of a plethora of handmade mountain bike frame builders. This state is blessed with some of the best mountain biking trails in the country. It is no wonder why so many builders call this state their home. Below is a list of all of the current frame builders that I’m aware of. If you know of someone I missed, please comment below.

3D Racing – Colorado – Steel, Aluminum
3D Racing mountain bike

3D Racing

Alchemy Bicycle Co. – Colorado – Stainless Steel
Alchemy Bicycles 29er mountain bike


AMPeirce Cycles – Colorado – Steel
AMPeirce mountain bike


Black Sheep Bikes– Colorado – Titanium, Steel
Black Sheep Bikes

Black Sheep

Boo Bicycles – Colorado – Bamboo
Boo Bicycles 29er bamboo mountain bike

Boo Bicycles

DEAN Titanium Bikes – Colorado – Titanium
Dean titanium mountain bike


Don McClung – (719) 539-7146 – Colorado – Steel
Don McClung 29er mountain bike

Don McClung

Durango Bike Company – Colorado – Titanium, Aluminum
Durango Bike Company

Durango Bike Company

Funk Cycles – Colorado – Titanium
Funk Cycles La Ruta

Funk Cycles

Gallus Handmade Bicycles – Colorado – Steel
Gallus mountain bike


Generic Cycles – Colorado- Titanium
Generic Bikes Ultimate 29er mountain bike


Guerrilla Gravity – Colorado – Aluminum
Guerilla Gravity GG/DH downhill mountain bike

Guerrilla Gravity

Kent Eriksen Cycles – Colorado – Titanium
Kent Eriksen mountain bike

Kent Eriksen

Lenz Sport – Colorado – Aluminum
Lenz Sport Leviathan mountain bike

Lenz Sport

Matter Cycles – Colorado – Steel
Matter Cycles SlayRide

Matter Cycles

Moots – Colorado – Titanium
Moots Divide mountain bike

Moots Divide

Mosaic Cycles – Colorado – Titanium, Steel
Mosaic Titanium mountain bike


Oddity Cycles – Colorado – Steel
Oddity Cycles


Paketa Cycles – Colorado – Magnesium
Paketa Cycles mountain bike

Paketa Cycles

Primus Mootry – Colorado – Aluminum, Steel, Titanium
Primus Mootry Foreest Titanium mountain bike

Primus Mootry

Reeb Cycles – Colorado – Steel
Reeb Cycles 29er mountain bike

Reeb Cycles

Samsara Cycles– Colorado – Aluminum, Steel
Samsara Cycles Satya mountain bike

Samsara Cycles

Thin Air Frameworks – Colorado – Steel
Thin Air Frameworks

Thin Air Frameworks

Twenty2 Cycles – Colorado – Titanim
Twenty 2 Cycles mountain bike

Twenty2 Cycles

Victoria Cycles – Colorado – Steel
Victoria Cycles 650b mountain bike

Victoria Cycles

Waltworks Custom Bicycles – Colorado – Steel
Waltworks full suspension 29er mountain bike


Willits Bikes – Colorado – Steel, Titanium
Willits Mountie mountain bike


Wily Cycles – Colorado – Steel, Titanium
Wily Cycles Retro titanium mountain bike

Wily Cycles

Zinn Cycles – Colorado – Titanium, Steel, Aluminum
Zinn Tyrant mountain bike