California Mountain Bike Frame Builders

Seal_of_California.svgFact: At least half of the fruit produced in the United States is now cultivated in California, and the state also leads in the production of vegetables.

California is a mountain bikers dream state. There are so many different types of terrain in the state with great weather almost all year round. It’s easy to see why the state exports so much produce mentioned above and is home to so many great mountain bike builders.

Action Tec – California – Titanium, Aluminum, Steel
Action Tec hardtail

Action Tec

Ahrens Bicycles – California – Aluminum, Steel
Ahrens Apex aluminum mountain bike


Bicycle Fabrications – California – Steel
Bicycle Fabrications

Bicycle Fabrications

Black Cat Bikes – California – Steel
Black Cat 29er mountain bike

Black Cat

Black Market Bikes – California – Steel
Black Market Mob frame

Black Market

Caletti Bicycles – California – Steel, Titanium
Caletti 29er mountain bike


Calfee Design – California – Bamboo
Calfee bamboo mountain bike


Castellano Designs – California – Aluminum
Castellano Fango mountain bike


Columbine Cycle Works – California – Steel
Columbine Cycle Works

Columbine Cycle Works

DirtySixer – California – Steel, Titanium, Aluminum


Ellsworth Bikes – California – Aluminum
Ellsworth mountain bike


Falconer Cycles – California – Steel
Falconer mountain bike


Foes Racing – California – Aluminum
Foes Racing FXR mountain bike

Foes Racing

Hunter Cycles – California – Steel
Hunter Cycles 29er mountain bike

Hunter Cycles

Inglis Cycles – California – Steel
Inglis mountain bike


Intense Cycles – California – Aluminum
Intense Cycles Tracer mountain bike

Intense Cycles

Mountain Cycle – California – Aluminum
Mountain Cycle Zen II mountain bike

Mountain Cycle

Muse Cycles – California – Steel
Muse Rhythm 29er mountain bike


NTP Bikes – California – Titanium
NTP bikes mountain bike

NTP Bikes

One Ghost Industries – California/Oregon – Aluminum
One Ghost Industries

One Ghost Industries

Retrotec – California – steel
Retrotec mountain bike


Rex Cycles – California – Steel
Rex Cycles

Rex Cycles

Ritte Cycles – California – Stainless Steel
Ritte KVA stainless 29er


Rock Lobster Cycles – California – Steel, Aluminum
Rock Lobster Scandium XC mountain bike

Rock Lobster

Shawver Cycles – California – Steel
Shawver 29er mountain bike


Siren Bicycles – California – Steel
Siren Twinzer 29er mountain bike


Soulcraft Cycles – California – Steel
Soulcraft Holyroller Single Speed mountain bike


Steve Potts Bicycles – California – Titanium
Steve Potts hardtail mountain bike

Steve Potts

Stinner Frameworks – California – Steel
Stinner hardtail mountain bike

Stinner Frameworks

SyCip Designs – California – Steel, Titanium, Aluminum
SyCip Unleaded moutain bike


Turner Bikes – California/Oregon – Aluminum
Turner 5 Spot DW-Link mountain bike


Ventana Mountain Bikes – California – Aluminum
Ventana El Ciclon mountain bike