Blendtec Designer Series Blender and Twister Jar Review

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  1. Jerry says:

    How come you didn’t go VitaMix?

    • I didn’t like that it was too tall to store easily. The tamper idea is a little goofy. I had some friends that had a Vitamix and didn’t like that it didn’t have automatic modes. They make pretty good smoothies but I think the features of the Blendtec are better personally.

  2. COleman says:

    I came to your blog reading about mountain bike fenders, then I started to read about the blend-tech. I have one and have enjoyed it for years, it constantly makes amazing beverages as you stated. My favorite trick is putting a bunch of vegetables in it and blending for a while until it makes them into a hot soup. It has so much power that the friction actually creates heat!! Start with Peppers and carrots and other good soup vegetables.(Sautéed onions or pre-cooked leeks, made the mistake of not cooking those up first once,….once.) add cup or two of chicken broth, add a bit of butter some seasoning maybe some cream and blend it up, you can reheat it later but it makes amazing soups!!

  3. Ray says:

    Just wanted to mention – the reason why this blender blends so well is also due to the square pitcher. If it was round matter would spin in a circle like a tornado. It’s square shape means that matter is being thrown against the wall further breaking it a part.

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